WcCanWcCan y todos felices

WcCan is a company that has been created to respond to the same concerns that have lead you to enter our website. “So people can live with dogs in the same space, without causing any discomfort”.

For us it is very important to respect the public, animals and everything that surrounds us. Unfortunately, this does not seem to matter to some people, but it is a problem that affects us all, from both an economic point and from the point of view of coexistence.

As a consequence of our professional experience building playgrounds, we have raised this issue countless times without finding a convincing answer.

Personally, the unease that having to take the kids to school without stepping on any dog poop creates ..., is a challenge!

It is not fair that a child has to go to school with his head down staring at the floor, pointing to droppings and telling you: “mum look, a dog poop, what a dirty owner”. It is a pity that this is their first lesson of the day.

This is only an example, but we invite you to search for information regarding this matter to realize the problem that exists. Let’s forget the saying that to step on a dog poo gives you good luck.

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