WcCanWcCan y todos felices

WcCan occupies an area of 4 m2 approximately, and is specially designed for dogs to carry out their physiological needs.

In designing WcCan we have taken into account: Both the security and convenience of users, and the rest of the public. It is a completely closed area with an access door so that the animal cannot escape and no children can enter.

Hygiene and disinfection. This is the point where it really makes a difference with regard to other products on the market.

For liquid excrement, a system has been designed in which the urine is filtered from the surface quickly avoiding bad smells and stains.

For solid excrement, the system has a quick and easy system method of collection that can be used as per the conscientiousness of the user.

The disinfection will be carried out by assigned staff, through a system designed and patented for the application of the disinfectant. This product is specially developed for Lanmar WcCan, being totally ecological and harmless for animals as for people.

Production and installation. WcCan is manufactured with recyclable materials. Its installation does not require any electrical outlet, and as such its instalment is quick and easy.

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